7 Reasons to Blow Off Your Taxes and Hang Out With Your Dog

So you still haven’t done your taxes, huh? You do realize it’s Friday, April 15th right?

Right. Okay, then.

Whatever excuse you’ve crafted for procrastinating must be good because, man, you’re getting down to the wire. But listen—we’re not here to judge. We’re here to commiserate and uplift. In fact, we’re here to support your sluggish behavior with 7 reasons you should blow off your taxes and hang out with your dog. Seven reasons, friend. SEVEN.

Now go get that tennis ball. Go get it!

1. Because the filing deadline isn’t officially until Monday, the 18th, this year.

That’s three whole days to get your sloppy ducks in a row. In dog time that’s over a month. So relax! You literally have hours to prepare your tax forms.

dog walking in encinitas

2. Because it’s a gorgeous day for dog walking in Encinitas.

68 degrees and sunny? In San Diego? You don’t say. It’s hard to believe but the weather is perfect right now and there is nothing your pup wants more than a neighborhood stroll and a particularly smelly fire hydrant.

3. Because maybe if we unify and protest, we can win the right to claim our pets as dependents.

It’s only fair. Our pets are practically human. Have you seen how much dog food costs lately? They’re selling $300 dog beds on Amazon.com for goodness’ sake. How does the IRS expect us to pay for our Netflix and Bark Box subscriptions? Nonsense, we say.

4. Because when it comes to owing the IRS money, there’s no coping mechanism sweeter than denial.

Hey, the IRS can’t garnish your wages if you’ve already spent them on a $1500 magical tree house for your cat.

dog walking in encinitas

That face you make when you have to file your taxes but want to chase birds instead.

5. Because you need more time to get ready for Sunday fun at the Encinitas Dog Park!

The Petcurean Love Tour is rolling through Encinitas to benefit local shelters. It’s free and runs from 11am – 2pm. Would you rather hug dogs and win prizes or crunch numbers at your desk in solitude and sadness? Thought so.

6. Because pets literally improve your health.

Can doggie interaction actually lower blood pressure and relieve stress? Yes. It’s science! Besides, if it’s online it has to be true—except when you research a stuffy nose and WebMD says you have 23.5 hours to live. Not cool, Google. Not cool.

7. Because the only reports you should be reading on a Friday are surf reports.

Take your pup to the beach in Cardiff by the Sea or for a jaunt down Coast Hwy for a breathtaking view of the paradise we call home. Once they’ve gotten their exercise, grab your board and get yours at Swamis. Even if the swell isn’t great, your worst day in the water is still better than your best day at the office.

dog walking in encinitas

Take that dog walking in Encinitas today! Beautiful sunset guaranteed.

Of course, our reasons to blow off your taxes in lieu of dog walking in Encinitas are all in good fun. You really should get those suckers filed already—perhaps a bit earlier next year; yeah? If you’re looking for a tax professional, San Diego Taxman in North Park gets two paws up from SanDPups. They’re fast, efficient, and won’t lecture you about waiting until the last possible second to file.

We may or may not be speaking from experience.

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