Monthly Archives: July 2015

Dogs of Encinitas: Party of Five (Part 1) 2

Meet Encinitas dog lovers, Cal and Elyse—rather, their brood. With hearts of gold, they’ve adopted not one, not two, but five rescue dogs over the years, selflessly giving them brand new lives and enriching their own in the process. As the gang’s regular pet-sitter, I know their personalities, their habits, their quirks—but I never knew […]

How To Include Your Dog In Your Wedding

If you’ve missed our last few blogs, we’ve talked about choosing a pet-friendly wedding venue in San Diego and how SanDPups can assist you on your big day. Now that you know the important stuff, let’s talk details. With 1,001 things on your to-do list, you don’t want to add another stressor by failing to […]